monica byrne

The Olympic Village is a notorious international orgy, but for a select cult of athletes, it's also a movement to destroy the nation state. Sex is the gateway to world peace in a twisted underground polyamorous Games. Commissioned by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern to premiere at Manbites Dog Theater, Durham NC, May 2014.

On the way to their fall retreat at a beachside cottage, the MIT astrophysics department is waylaid by a hurricane. Cut off from the world, they tell each other stories about how the universe will end--in a slow dissipation of energy, rather than a glorious arc--and question the human need for narrative in a meaningless universe. Based on The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio. Commissioned by the Fox Valley Repertory Collider Project. Staged reading, Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, IL. July 2012.

*Now available via Dramatists Play Service.* In 1914, four young women in a New York reformatory adopt birth control activist Margaret Sanger as their secret patron saint. They build a communal fantasy life where they travel the world, take lovers at will, and assassinate their enemies. Their fantasy life grows more and more elaborate until one of them discovers she is pregnant, calling into question the relationship between their fantasy world and the real one. Commissioned by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern. World premiere at Cordoba Center for the Arts, Durham NC, April 2012. (4 female. 100 minutes.)
Reviews: The Independent Weekly, Triangle Arts and Entertainment.

A blind housewife greets unexpected guests that may or may not mean her harm. She invites them to her table, cuts apples for them, then guides them on a tour of her house, telling stories about her husband and many children. A site-specific piece created with artists in residence at the Elsewhere Collaborative in Greensboro, NC. World premiere at the Elsewhere Collaborative, May 2011. (1 female. 25 minutes.)
Review: The Independent Weekly.

Five graduate students are stuck in the lab on a freezing night in January, all with urgent projects due in the morning--but then one of them commits an act of unspeakable violence on a laboratory mouse. Their sanity unravels. Very dark comedy ensues. Workshopped with Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern, Ravenclaw Salon and Manbites Dog Theater. World premiere January 27, 2011, Manbites Dog Theater, Durham, NC. Directed by Jay O'Berski. (5 actors, any sex. 80 minutes.)
Reviews: CVNC, The Independent Weekly.

In an Ethiopian luxury hotel on the night of Obama's inauguration, Americans and Ethiopians scramble for tickets to the elite inauguration ball. The poor watch from the sidelines, throwing popcorn, while a brutal comedy of sex, race and class unfolds--and in its midst is a young woman named Netsanet, who may or may not be the hope of her country's future. Workshopped with Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern. (3 female, 4 male. 90 minutes.)

Two short plays for the Playwrights Roundtable PlaySlam. Directed by Monica Byrne. Premiered October 2009 at the Arts Center, NC. (2 female and 2 either, respectively; 5 minutes apiece.)